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“Law, Religion and Disability”

Call for proposal

Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

The relationship of law, religion and disability is complex, emerging and still in development as a research area. Scholarship on religion and disability has included feminist reflections regarding religion and disability (e.g. Minister 2013) and analysis of the physical […]

Application In Helsinki.

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies is an independent institute of the University of Helsinki. The purpose of the Collegium is to enhance scholarly excellence in the human and social sciences (including law, behavioural sciences and theology), to promote interaction between different fields of academic research and to further international cooperation.

The […]

Summer School Eurasian Religions in Contact

Call for Applications 2014

Religion and its potential for creating or reducing conflicts have recently become the subject of increased medial, political and legal attention. Academic interest too has grown, especially in contacts between different religions. Recent collaborative research at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Dynamics in the History of Religions” (University of […]

Job vacancy at the university of Amsterdam.

The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam has a vacancy for two full-time PhD-positions as part of the NWO project Delicate Relations: Jews and Muslims in Amsterdam and London. The candidates has to conduct ethnographic research on the complex present-day relations between Jews and Muslims in Amsterdam (project a) and London […]

Fire in the Canyon. Religion, Migration, and the Mexican Dream.

Leah Sarat NYU Press, November 2013

« Through finely woven voices and descriptions of actors and locations in a life drama that transcends geographical and religious borders, Leah Sarat’s ethnography of the indigenous people of El Alberto…offers its readers an opportunity to witness the fantastic capacity of seemingly marginal peoples to selectively […]

Le mal traitement des nouveaux hérétiques

La lutte contre les minorités religieuses ne concerne pas uniquement les pays autoritaires qui favorisent une religion officielle ou quasi officielle. Certaines démocraties occidentales se sont jointes à ce combat contre les hérétiques dont les valeurs ne sont pas compatibles avec celles de la gestion financière de la planète et de la vie.

COLLOQUE : "Laïcité, démocratie et religions"

DIMANCHE 20 JANVIER 2013 : 10h00 à 18h30

M.J.C., 10, place Jacques Brel – 91130 RIS-ORANGIS

Sous les auspices  du Conseil Général de l’Essonne, Président et Député de l’Essonne Jérôme Guedj*, de la Mairie de Ris-Orangis, Maire et Conseiller Général Stéphane Raffalli*,   du Consistoire de Paris et du Consistoire de France, […]

Nationalism, Identity and Belief Symposium.

Call for Papers
Nationalism, Identity and Belief Symposium
First joint symposium of Society, Religion and Belief and Identity, Culture and Representation Research Centres University of Derby 25 March 2013
Keynote speaker: Daniel Trilling author of Bloody Nasty People: The Rise of Britain’s Far Right (London: Verso, 2012), assistant editor The New Statesman, columnist for The Guardian.
The […]